Drambo is my all time favorite.

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I don’t really have a purpose for this post other than a desire to gush about how great Drambo is. Ive spent 25 years fiddling with all kinds of gear and apps. Nothing Ive ever used was so perfectly suited for my needs as Drambo. Its near perfection. I was able to find 1000’s of free wavetables for the wavetable osc and got a convolution reverb (IMPULSation) for cheap and found 1000’s of free impulse responses. The sound design power is MIND BLOWING. Its my favorite. I don’t even want to use my other gear. I just wish I had it 25 years ago. Thank you so much to the folks that developed it.


  • Welcome to the forum!

    And thank you for speaking out your excitement about Drambo.

    I agree, it's an outstanding modular environment that combines modular power with great usability and a fun sequencer.

    And a lot of effort already goes into the next major update.

  • Will the update happen automatically or do I need to obsessively check for it every day?

  • That depends on your iOS settings under "App Store". If "App Updates" is enabled under automatic downloads, it will happen automatically.

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