Light colour scheme option


Trying to use Drambo outside in the sunshine today and really struggled to see anything with the dark colour scheme.

Obviously this issue isn’t exclusive to Drambo. In fact all my go to apps are dark (Drambo, AUM, Audiobus) I could just about use Koala with its cyan pads, but even that has a black sequencer and piano roll.

Hoping a light colour gui might be an option in the upcoming update.

Anyone else agree that it might help use to use our mobile music making devices in more locations?


  • Have you tried Settings => Accessibility => Accessibility Shortcut => Classic Invert?

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    Thanks mate thats brilliant!

    rs2000 always delivers 👍

    Looks pretty cool inverted.

    Sunshine Drambo here we come.

  • I have my iPad configured so that a triple tap on the home button toggles the invert. If you don't have a home button, you can add a widget in the control center to toggle it.

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