Pad keyboard - release doesn't send NoteOff after page change

Very impressed with the new update! I've got a bug report for you. When you hold down a note on the "pad keyboard" and press the page left or page right arrow, it produces a hanging note. The piano keyboard works properly.


  • From what I've understood it's partially intended behavior if you want to play higher notes while droning the lower notes.

    I see it more as a performance feature, others may disagree...

  • It's a bug. If you want it, you can use the hold (+) function.

  • With hold (+) you can not 'play' the other notes as you'd need to tap on/off on each of them making normal 'playing/jamming' a bit tricky...

    Then again I can always sequence the droned note and play on top...

  • It's a fun bug. The first version of Velocity Keyboard had the same thing, so I asked for a "Sustain" button. But it works the same as Drambo's plus button. It's a more mainstream implementation.

    I still think it would be a good feature for a "touch instrument" app. But I wouldn't have it be activated by changing the octave.

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