tempos down to 1 bpm

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I want to do some complex rhythms using retrigs to divide the beat in different ways. It would be really useful to have tempos go all the way down to 1 bpm so that I can divide the beat but still have it sound like a rhythm. If it's simple to just allow the tempo setting to go down to 1 bpm, I'd appreciate it.


  • I think there’s a problem with Ableton Link not going down that low.

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    did u see, you can change the speed of the clip? @blipson

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    Inspired by v2 and by the new and unaffordable OP-1 Field, I'm just now inspired to come back to Drambo after a long time away, so, no, I don't know about changing the speed of the clip. But I'll look for that and see what I can do, thanks @lala . @number37, I thought letting the tempo go down to 1 would be a no-brainer for the dev, but if that would mess things up with Ableton Link (which I don't use), all I can suggest is to allow the very low BPM's, and then leave it up to users to stay at 20 BPM and up if they use Ableton Link.

  • 20 bpm /2/2/2/2/2/2

    = 0,3125 bpm

  • Yes, that'll do it! Thanks again.

  • 🙏

  • I should also ask: if I use a slow tempo and retrigs to get different divisions of the (slow) beat, is there a way to control what note plays at each retrig? It seems retrigs will only repeat the same notes throughout that beat, but I'd want to play a melody there.

  • Retrig always triggers the same note... try Arp module to achieve what you’re after.

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    Thanks for answering my noobie questions. I needed to make sure about these basic aspects of what I can do with the sequencer before I spend the time learning the app properly. Still, it sounds like using Arp will sacrifice the flexible divisions of the beat that I'd get with retrigs.

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    It does what u want

    turn main tempo down

    turn clip speed down

    when u use retrigger now it doesn’t go brrrrrrrt

    but clap, clap, clap in different divisions on that step …

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    different length is what I meant / more claps

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