2.0 Recorder module sample rate problem

Dragging recorded audio from the Recorder module into a Flexi sampler isn’t working right for me unless sample rate is set to 44,100. If I have it at 48,000 the audio in the Flexi sampler plays back too slowly.

It seems that the audio is recorded properly, but maybe is flagging Flexi that the audio is at the wrong sample rate.

Steps to reproduce:

  • set sample rate to 48,000
  • record something into the Recorder module
  • drag the audio onto the plus sign in the module canvas to create a loaded Flexi sampler.
  • compare playback. It is too slow and is pitched down
  • repeat above with sample rate at 44,100
  • playback is correct.

Drambo v2.0, iPad Air 2, iOS 15.4.1


  • Fixing this, thank you!

  • Should have grabbed this during beta this but since I always use 44.1k (when I possibly can) it slipped...

  • Ha! That was my first thought: "How did Samu miss this?? I must be doing something wrong." 😆

  • I'm pretty sure there's a sh*t load of other things I've missed but it's honestly next to impossible to catch em all in all different use-cases.

    I was doing the beta on the Air 2 so I missed for example that the iOS 'rubber band effect' on smaller screen iPhones in portrait mode that can in some cases cover the + in the clip launcher. And since I'm on the Air 2 I can't push the CPU & Memory Usage to the max so those kind of 'issues' are beyond me for now.

    Hopefully the rest of the app will 'behave' 😎

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