Can't scroll down to + Pattern button in portrait mode on 2020 iPhone SE

Here's what I'm seeing, in portrait mode, on a 2020 iPhone SE. The bottom row, with the [+] and [[+] buttons, is not visible. In order to scroll lower, I need to switch to landscape orientation. Otherwise, the view will spring back to this position when touch is released.


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    Hmm, I just tried it with my iPhone 8 and have no issues scrolling down to the plusses?!

    (Swipe up/down on the area where the pattern number is and not on the clip grid).

    But I can imagine that on some models the spring effect might make it tricky...

  • You can also swipe up and hold the finger while the +' s are visible and tap them.

  • @Skyblazer Please try to scroll down the launcher grid with 2 fingers.

    Move the keyboard panel up/down if necessary.

  • @giku Scrolling down to the bottom in clip launcher should keep the [+] and [[+] icons visible.

  • @samu Yep, the "spring effect" is what I'm reporting here. There is no "spring effect" in landscape orientation, or on iPad.

    @rs2000 Tried it with two fingers, same result. Size of the keyboard does not seem to matter.

  • What I meant is to pull down the keyboard after scrolling down in the clip launcher. At least a workaround until it's fixed.

  • I just pull the clip-launcher up and while holding it up tap the + if i let go it springs down.

    Also bumped into an issue when using patterns on pads, the left/right arrows don’t work when there is more than 16 scenes/patterns. The + / copy icons could be added to the pads as well, + is already there but no copy.

    Also adjusting ‘Text Size’ under Display & Brightness affects placement of icons and menu-rendering…


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