Snapshot / Restore to Snapshot like on Elektron boxes

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Sorry if i missed something in this amazing features super packed update :-) Recent year i was using for music exclusively my elektron boxes but now Drambo dragged me back to iPad :)

Here idea how to add one super powerfull feature present on Elektron devices, which is handy especially during live peformance, but also for editing and trying some changes wih possivility to quickly return to orecious stage

  • in top left bar (where midi map icon is placed) add new icon, for example camera pictogram
  • long press saves whole current app state as snapshot
  • short tap (or swipe down) restores stage to last previously saved snapshot

sounds trivial but it's super powerfull when during performance you make lot of tweaks to completely change sound and then by single tap you immediately jump back to "normal" state befor all thst tweaks


  • Create sound as instrument rack and save it as “preset”

    turn knobs until it sounds unpleasant

    reload preset ;)

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    this is not what i mean.. snapshot i described is stage of whole project not just tweaks on single instrument - it's everything - all instruments changes, sequencer notes changes, literally all changes..

    it's like temporary quick save / reload .. for live performance it needs to be immediately accessibke in second, directly not hidden in some submenu or subpage.. on elektron boxes it's FN+Yes to save / FN+No to realod and it happens instantly without any stop of playback..

  • Yeah, I know

    but this works now

  • + 1 on permanent revert button/function on the front panel.

    Revert + tap clip to revert clip.

    Revert + tap pattern to revert scene/pattern.

    Revert + tap rack header to revert rack.

    Revert + tap knob/slider etc to revert knob/slider.

    Revert + Tap play (or something else if that’s too sketchy) to revert project.

    etc :)

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    back to where I started?

    reload project works too

    Its just 3 touches away

    could be simpler, but it’s totally doable now.

  • +1 and we can create and save "Snapshots" using SCENES and CLIP's.

  • Yep ‘Undo +….’ would make sense, no need for dedicated button :)

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    you probably never played live, haven't you ? :-) That's exactly 2 touches more than it is accetable for live performance use case, when you want to do it super fast, for example on end of pattern ;-)

    totally agree, "undo" + some pad or something like that would be even more close to Elektron's implementation, smart idea !

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    I’m fast enough to do it at end of pattern

    its just reload project / preset ;)

    have u tried?

  • problem w that is it doesn’t reload without a hiccup. Transport stops.

    iiuc, @dendy is describing a performance tool, not simply project reversion.

    Intentionally Mess a tune up and then BAM, you’re back to previous snapshot without skipping a beat. I agree this would be super fun.

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    Transport does not stop on load

    if you have link enabled ;)

    time is always running here 😁

    I tell you I can fly with this version of drambo 🥳

  • Just activating a scene and making changes covers all parameter changes - but not sequencer states etc. and there’s no way to bake all those changes into being default.

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    yeah, exactly ..

    this live performance feature is basically like project save just it saves it only in menory for quick recall (also avoiding storing it to permanent storage to acoind sound dropouts eapecially when smaller buffer is used)

    also on elektron devices it doesn't save state to disk drive, just to ram memory - if you turn off decice this temporary save is lost ...

    for live performance is absolutely crucial to have it immediately accessible without multiple taps or menu divings.. as mentioned above, it's quick performance tool not composing workflow shortcut

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    Scenes are so meh now 🤷🏻‍♂️

    I don’t use them much anymore

    we have the modulate morph module and drawable automation including clip matrix now, use that ;)

    ”x fader scenes are a clever workaround for limited hardware that has a lack of that” - that’s my 2 cents about that.

    we have much more detailed craziness now

    and you don’t play the wrong pattern to the wrong scene anymore 😆🫣

  • Agreed, that would be a great feature. Ableton has incorporated snapshots in Live 11 as well and they are super useful for modifying parameters on the fly, would be awesome in Drambo too.

  • Scenes are so meh now 🤷🏻‍♂️

    Not if they're used as 16 instantly recall-able presets without loading delay.

    And smooth morphing between any 2 presets is a dream.

  • And it’s instantly accessible at any point in the UI. Scenes are still cool :)

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    Since I have the morph module to play with

    i have morph on each individual track , 😁

    instead of all of them at once 🤷🏻‍♂️

    and I can morph between those 2 sounds with an lfo, velocity, whatever pleases me on each track 😎

    elektron x fade morph is so meh compared to this 🤷🏻‍♂️

    drambo dances sonic circles around that 🥳 💥

    can I get an amen ?

  • I haven’t used the morph module all that much, to be honest. Aside from dialling in some very precise LFO movements to knobs without arrows on them, what are some use cases? My imagination seems to be failing me. Also, are any of you mapping the morph knobs themselves to a big knobs rack on a dedicated track as a kind of performance surface?

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    controlling the feedback amounts of a bank of comb filters tuned as a resonator :)

    comb filter feedback doesn’t have a mod input, but the feedback = decay time. So to control the decay time of the bank as a single unit, Morph is great 😊

    my use cases aren’t too crazy either. Basically just macro control for me.

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    Velo to decay of resonator and envelopes of other layer

    it’s like the xfader but much more detailed, so you can morph one, morph 1 the filter, morph 2, morph the envelopes, morph 3 morph the fx on a single track . Morph 4 wavetable position and mod speed , that would be 4 x faders for one track.

    Now you can start modulating each morph with lfo, Velo , whatever …

    its a soundmonster.

    you, know sunrizer right? It morphs via modwheel from a to b

    now u can build a synth with a many morphmodwheels as u like, (doing all morphs over all tracks at once is like shooting with a tank, splitting the morphs gives u very fine sound control to areas the x fader could never go

    the sky / your imagination is the limit here 😃

    xfade morph is very limited compared to this

    look here:

    i change the decay and release time with morph — and modulate that with velocity. 💥

    nothing like this can be done with the xfade morph…

    x fade morph is „stupid wiggle me parameter“

    morph module is sophisticated modulate me parameter

    so let’s fool around with it a little

    let’s skip the Velo and take an lfo and set it to s/h

    now we have random flying envelopes times in choosen parameter range

    lets add a 2nd morph module and morph cutoff and reso and modulate that with triangle

    now we made 2 morph groups, one for envelope one for filter … and each has their own lfo

    you see where this is going 😁

    you just created your own modulation matrix that morphs sound until the cows come home ;)

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    And all you used was that simple looking morph module 🤗


  • Good suggestions, guys! Thanks very much.

  • 🙏🏽

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    BTW. That way you can suddenly morph with plugins that can’t morph… 😉 🎉

    welcome to the world of drambo

    it makes my head explode when I think of what’s possible 💥

    years of fun 🤩

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