Play a clip or pattern instantly, like hold mode in atom 2

It’d be great if you could trigger a pattern or clip using a midi note or cc, but it play instantly rather than quantised to the clock.

This would allow clips to be triggered like one shots, and would make it work beautifully in loopy pro


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    Touch clip or pattern

    instant switch to that step in other clips / patterns

    (it needs to go with clock/step otherwise it would create a holy mess of asynchronous chaos)

    u can midi learn the clips / patterns …

    if u want to play some sequence one shot, just record it and put it in Flexi sampler. ;)

    play the midinote anytime, out of time, to fire the sequence audio

    no additional features needed

  • This doesn’t help with my use case unfortunately.

    I have loopy pro handling the clock/step so no chaos. Although sometimes chaos is good!

  • So it’s clocked anyway


    let me think

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    The simplest thing would be to just sample the phrase you want to fire one shot

    (there is no way to make sure clip / pattern starts with start of clip with running clock on touch,

    usually u want all that (position in time) to stay in sync )

  • Yeah I want the midi to come out of Drambo so I can use it as a sequencer.

    Thanks for answering though. Hopefully this is something that can be added in the future @giku . I have a workaround in the meantime that sorta works.

  • lol

    what’s the workaround?

  • Trigger the clips ahead of time in loopy - it’s messy for lots of reasons that I won’t bore you with.

    The hold mode in atom2 works perfectly but Drambo is infinitely more capable now it’s 2.0 so I want it in my loopy workflow.

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    Hm, how long is the phrase?

    the cv sequencer has a reset button

    if u press reset it starts on the one (again)

    If you fool around with that and the clock input to fire only a certain amount of clicks and then stop …

    so u can build a one shot phrase sequencer

  • Thanks I’ll have a look

  • You could use the 'Retrigger' module to create one shots.

    It has a CV output so you could use that to trigger the CV sequencer

    then you only need one note per clip per one shot.

  • Cool will give these a go. Thanks for the help.

    Hopefully support for independent clips can be added eventually unlocking all of Drambo to be used in this way. I think it’ll be good for live performance and not just my selfish needs

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    Just to show you why I’m so attached to this idea, here’s a very simple example video of loopy dummy donuts launching atom2 clips and hammerhead patterns.

    Imagine the power if you could launch Drambo 2.0 clips and patterns in the same grid along with loopy audio donuts! 💪 💥

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