Trig button gone?

Hi, in Drambo 1 i would map 8 buttons on a small midi controller to the pads to trigger/play/fingerdrum my 8 tracks, and then have two other buttons mapped to MUTE and TRIG toggles. When I toggled those, instead of playing the sound of each pad it would mute it (MUTE) or select it without triggering the instrument (TRIG). In the new Drambo 2 UI, I no longer see the "TRIG" button.

I see that I can map the "TRK" pads at the bottom of the screen to play my 8 tracks like before, aka finger drum if i want to, and I could theoretically map a different set of buttons to the track selection that's part of the new scene manager, but I want to work with the same 8 pads on my controller. Is there a way to still toggle the TRIG effect like before that will allow me to use the same MIDI note signal to select a track without playing it? Am I just missing it? Thanks -


  • TRIG button is gone, but most its functionality remains...

    Like you said

    • enter TRK mode (tap) to trigger sound on tracks (finger drumming)
    • or hold TRK button to momentarily enter the mode for track switching (without triggering sound)
    • additionally you can enter notes into sequencer, use scales or switch patterns from the same pads

    the only thing that is missing atm is crossfader scene selectors, but I’m sure we’ll find a nice way to squeeze them in there too later :)

  • Thank you - Holding TRK was what I was looking for, back to jamming with my same controller setup.

    Loving everything about this update!

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