bug issues on the new update

when it comes to every Drambo features i solute beepstreets, because now i think Drambo its on a whole different ball park, actually it was everything i ever wanted on Drambo starting with the piano roll and song arranger and of course every other update included, 

but there is a few bugs that i have come across, right away, at least on my device which it's an iPhone xs max with ios 14.8 

anyhow so has i when through starting to create a beat using koala sampler, there was an issue that once in a while, while turning my device from portrait to landscape view drambo would crashed, 

also it would crashed once in while when switching the windows views, 

another issue is that the save option some times it disappeared from the option view 

plus the auto saving doesn't actually auto save 

which got me to be manually saving every step i take on the process of trying to make a full beat, because it doesn't auto save anything specially if it crashed

another issue or bug is that when arranging the patterns as a song, 

when the patterns are switching to the next one there be like a click Metrodome type of sound which i can hear everytime the patterns are switching on the song mode.. 

also there is a bug on the piano roll view which scrolling the window gets stuck and the same issue with scrollin up and down on the track view window..

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