Questions about MPE in Drambo 2.0


I am doing research to possibly transition back to using ipad as a sequencer / brain in a modular setup.

I got some questions:

How well does it work to record MPE midi from MPE controller such as Linnstrument, and is there any buggy behaviour when outputting that recorded midi to hardware synth?

Does Drambo internally interpolate / smooth midi messages? This can cause some issues with MPE


  • Hi! Drambo doesn't record MPE now. It can be used only to create and play MPE instruments

  • Ok,

    It is stated in the apples store page, that drambo has MPE support, and thats a bit misleading, if its some sort of weird partial support.

  • You can use Atom Piano Roll 2 inside Drambo to record and play MPE. Also Midi Tape Recorder is capable to record MPE within Drambo.

  • MIDI Tape Recorder is more accurate than Atom 2 for recording and playing back MPE. Atom 2 falls down a bit in that area, whereas MTR is as accurate as can be even with challenging synth output such as from Animoog 2.

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