Map external midi controller like Launchpad Mini to Drambo's step sequencer

The launchpads are such perfect devices for being step sequencers - the problem is that only the biggest and bulkiest one (the PRO) has standalone sequencing capabilities!

What I would love is to use a launchpad mini as a step sequencer with Drambo. But I guess the problem is that, without native support from Drambo, I would need to custom map all of the buttons to specific steps, and set up the midi routing so that they light up at the appropriate times.

I'm happy to do that, but it doesn't seem possible without programming experience, not only in Drambo, but even in any Auv3 plugin I can find! which makes me sad because it seems like it would be relatively simple if enough people wanted it. I guess they just don't.

But I may be missing something! Which is why I'm posting in How To.. hope that's correct because i'm not sure if it's an existing feature yet


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