Antialiasing in oscillator and mini oscillator


  • Important note: If you like to draw your own waveforms by feeding the saw wave output of an Oscillator into a Graphic Shaper, make sure that Anti-aliasing is switched off in the oscillator.

  • As a matter of interest, why do you choose the saw wave? I’ve been using graphic shaper to happily draw waveforms for quite a while but have always used the sine wave output of an oscillator.

  • I think one of main the reasons to use a saw wave as a base for drawing is that it covers the entire -1 to +1 range so the same value doesn't appear more than once. If you use sine or triangle the same value appears multiple times...

  • Ah, ok - that makes sense: many thanks @samu .

    That’s not something I’d ever thought about to be honest and a quick check of the oscilloscope didn’t show anything untoward in that regard when I first started doing it - eg if I drew a simple square wave then the oscilloscope showed that square wave exactly as I had drawn it (I tend to use my ears more than relying on the oscilloscope but it was handy at the time while I was learning/experimenting).

  • @samu - yeah, wow. I drew a quick approximation of a sine wave & fed it a sine wave:

    Whereas feeding it a saw (with anti-aliasing off):

    (and to show why anti-aliasing needs switching off as per @rs2000 instruction):

    Thanks @samu & @rs2000 & @lala for the hp filter instruction 🙏🙏

  • 🙏

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