Button module: what does it do?

I feel dumb. Can’t figure out what the button module is for. Any use cases out there to help me out? Sorry if I’m asking the obvious but Google hasn’t helped me so far, and The help menu is empty…


  • on the module menu you can set it to switch or momentary. You can use it as either a switch to turn a modulatable parameter from 0 to max or use it as a momentary button which you have to hold your finger on

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    A few example uses for the buttons module:

    1. I sometimes use buttons to provide simple controls for complex racks when they are in compact view - for example having a switch button that enables/disables velocity sensitivity on a synth patch.
    2. You can use a momentary button as a convenient way to test/trigger gates and envelopes (etc) via the touchscreen.
    3. You could use a switch button to jump the morph module dial between values of 0 and 1, allowing you to jump between two completely different sets of settings at the touch of a button.

    I'll add more as I think of them...

  • Thanks so much! It’s starting to make sense now :)

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    great examples. I just used a button on a cheesy organ module. the button turns down the unison detune.

    I uploaded the module if you want to see how its connected as an example. it you want to change the button from momentary to switch you just swipe up on the button to open its menu


  • Here’s another example:

    the bank of 16 pads to the right labeled ‘Rec’ are toggle switches. When engaged, they allow me to input a chord, and take a snapshot of it.

    the bank of 16 to the left labeled ‘play’ are momentary buttons. They allow me to trigger in real-time the chords sampled to the ‘rec’ bank.

  • @aleyas did you already share this one on patchstorage?

  • @bcrichards not yet. ran into a buffer overrun issue at 512 modules and had to give it a rest. Once the next build lands I’ll be able to finish and share it :)

  • I've been using the buttons to trigger punch in effects, like stutters / buffer repeats and tape stops. I'm mapping buttons to the trigger some combination of following modules, and then mapping the buttons to buttons on a midi controller. Makes it easy to copy a whole processor rack to another track and keep the buttons+effects all connected. A little tidier than what I had before.

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  • I’ve been duped!

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