Wrap module and low- high and high-low voice allocation modes

Wrap module would be nice addition to Math modules. I think Graphic modulator effectively works like a wrap module but to be able to easily set values, a Wrap module would look exactly like clip, but wrap values inside the range instead of clipping them.

there’s a beautiful patch on patchstorage https://patchstorage.com/4voicing/ that makes use of a bunch of math to assign a midi voice to low-high priority to play with voicing. I was able to extend it to work with CV, and I’m working on something to works on inversions of a played chord. Low-high voice mode would open up some additional uses for voice number as a modulation source.


  • Wouldn't that be like a 'wave folder' module with a few options on how to treat the values that reach the ceiling or floor?

    I love the bit-crusher in Logic that allows be to set the ceiling, folding etc...

    No imagine using that 'thing' to spit out modulation values while automating the parameters that shape the curve :)

  • Yep! It could be a mega option like this (which seems geared specifically as audio effect) - I think a math option that’s just like Clip makes sense as well.

    graphic modulator does indeed to signal wrapping, but I don’t know if it’s immediately apparent, and you’d have to scale it accordingly for different values.

  • I love this. +100 for wrap.

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