Wavetable - what do you pay for?

Hi all, enjoying the new update.

but can someone tell me why I need to pay for the wavetable oscillator? It looks pretty functional to me! Or am I something? I can see the shopping cart icon but I can still use the module and all the library presets and waves.



  • @jameslondon74 Does the shopping cart icon show the 3 minute countdown?

  • Thanks Giku. I hadn’t spotted the timer!

  • I'd be happy pay for the WaveTable IAP again and again. It's one of those modules that make Drambo even more fun 😎

    Just about the only thing I'd love to add is a 'WaveTable Creator' to build custom wave-tables by drawing, additive partials (cross fade from one 'partial frame to another over X-Frames', damned TeraPro!) as well as re-ordering the frames. Each 'Frame' in the table could also have an optional tune parameter for total craziness.

    But I think there's even more interesting things to do as well when it comes to synthesis.

    To me the WaveTable is an essential part of Drambo and well worth getting!


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    the best thing about the wavetable osc is not that it plays wavetables, but the wave fx that do interesting stuff with the waves.

    I mostly use the basic shapes and a ton of wave fx.

  • Indeed...

    ...sooner or later I'll create an account over at patch-storage or something but I'm never 'done' with my presets, they are an on-going process.

    (Instrument rack using WT).

  • @samu No prob, you can tag your patchstorage uploads "work in progress" and let others contribute etc.

  • For creating or editing wavetables I like to use Tone2 Icarus and u-he Hive 2 on PC. These have quite useful generating and editing features for wavetables. The tables work for Drambo.

  • Interesting. Thanks for the info @akeia!

  • Anyone know if the free WaveEdit from Synthesis Technology produces compatible wavetables?

  • WaveEdit would work if Drambo's WaveTable oscillator had an option set the 'frame size'.

    The current 'frame-size' for Drambo's WaveTable oscillator is 2048 and WaveEdits frames are 256 so Drambo would need to either just repeat each point 8 times or do an interpolation or allow setting frame-size...

    This on-line editor is quite handy for creating single cycles (they need to be stitched in some other app to create tables though) and allows one to set the cycle length.

  • Thanks samu, I didn’t know about that one. Will check it out. I guess adjustable frame size might be a neat future enhancement for the wavetable osc in Drambo. I know the Serum format is popular but there are probably some other popular sets out there like adventure kid that I don’t think use 2048 frame size.

  • @Joe The original AKWF are 600 samples per cycle and only single waveforms.

    If you need them at alternate sizes check here...

    (The AKWF-WAV-2048 works perfectly with Drambo's WaveTable oscillator).

  • I've found this free wavetable collection helpful https://www.echosoundworks.com/eswcorewavetables . Has a number of basic shapes among other things.

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    hm, i dont know

    I never create my own wavetables,

    just like I dont do multisamples.

    its all very time consuming ...

    I like the instant realtime access to sound with the wave fx :)

  • Thanks for the tip @samu . Did not realize there were 2048 sample variations of akwf.

    You’re not wrong, @lala . The few wavetables I have created for myself have been time consuming and really the experience, aside from the newness and figuring out how it works, was really not all that musical or enjoyable.

  • Yeah, thanks @samu i only had the 600 frame originals, and didn’t get much use from them. Can’t wait to try the 2048 sized ones in Drambo tonight!

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    some of them are fun

    I used to load single cycles of it into an audioeditor and then mess with the draw volume tool

    really weird things start to happen if u apply a graphic eq to such a short sample 😁

  • Is there a way to tell how many frames are in a Wavetable wav?

    I'm assuming eg for a sine LFO to do a proper sweep, all 2048 frames need to be present... looking at the Surge samples there's some obvious 2048 ones but can't tell with the others. Even a command line tool would help.


  • @jmp909 Yes, if you know how long one frame is.

    There are several "standards", usually 256, 512, 1024 or 2048 samples per frame, depending on what the synth developer found a good sujbective compromise.

    If you know it (Serum uses 2048 samples frame length) the just divide the total number of samples in the file by the frame length in samples. That's the number of frames contained.

    If you want a cmdline tool, you can use SOX to find out the sample lengths in samples.

    I'm assuming eg for a sine LFO to do a proper sweep, ...

    What do you want to do? Let the Wavetable Osc sweep through a frequency range? You only need one single frame for that.

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