Possible UI Improvements for Drambo 2.0

I love the new features in Drambo 2.0, but there are a couple of minor UI things that I think could have a big pay off.

1) Piano Roll Triplets

Add an option in the piano roll where the user can change the grid to triplets/quintuplets. I like to mix and match triplets and 8th/16 notes, and currently I can't. Because each scene already has the grid set, I think it might be an idea if this selector made it clear what the default is.

2) Show numbers in the step sequencer

Its less significant for velocity, but for some of the other options I would very much like to know what the gate offset is.

3) Allow the user to enter a number for step sequencer values.

This would apply for both the new controllers for velocity/Get etc in the picture above, but also in the old step components below:

It's incredibly hard to dial something into these at the moment.


    1. In pattern menu, set Steps per beat to 3. Since now PR works with triplets.
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