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So, I've been playing with triggered envelopes in Drambo, and they are brilliant, but there aren't a lot of timing options for them. It would be great if there were more options similar to Shapemaster in VCV (which is one of my most favorite modules):

While Shapemaster is super deep, it would be helpful to have longer lengths for Graphical envelopes (up to a few minutes) and more time divisions. MSEGs can be put towards a lot of cool things. ;)


  • I think Continua from AudioDamage has one of the most flexible and easy to use envelopes.

    In sync-mode you set the duration for each envelope step in beat-divisions (from 1/32 to 1 bars) and you can have >50 points (thats's 50+ bars total envelope time and at slow tempo we're talking really looooooong envelopes.).

    In non-sync mode the duration for each envelope step can go from 1ms to 10 seconds... if long envelopes are needed, tempo-sync is the way to go 😎

    You can also add a multi-point 'sustain-loop' section going forward, revers and ping-pong and once you release a key the envelope plays to the end. Naturally all envelope stages have option for log/exp curve etc.

    So yeah, Drambo's Graphical Envelope could use some enhancements and I'm quite sure @giku keeps track of most if not all the requests.


  • Yeah, I agree Continua is super flexible in this regard. It's within in top 10 of iOS synths. There are so many use cases for fast and slow envelopes, so hoping for more options in this areas. :fingers-crossed:

  • I don't think that @giku would be against adding a "x100" button or a "Time x100" option inside the Graphic Envelope.

  • @rs2000 I'd be happy if we could set the duration per x-grid first. It becomes a math head-ache to keep track of division time when stating to add points with X-Grid at 64 it would also need some kind of zoom for increased accuracy when editing.

    Also the X-Grid snap can not freely be set between 1-64 as is, it has some 'jumps' so yeah... option to set 'grid step duration' would help.

    The Continua way (ie. set duration per point) is really good for envelopes.

    Both methods have their use-cases. (Total Envelope Time and per Point Duration).

    For 'chip sounds' splitting 1 second into multiple 'time-slots' is god-sent while if I do 'time-based' envelopes it's more of a head-ache as I need to calculate the total envelope time in advance...

    The way Continua does it is either sync (beat-division 1/32 to 1 bar) or time (1ms to 10 seconds) per envelope point with an option to sustain-loop a range of points which is pretty much optimal for envelope. Enabling continuous loop would make it double as a 'Graphical Modulator' as it would not react to note-off and play to the end but that's a no-can-do in Continua.

    Need to rest my brain now...


  • Yes! Big +1 on graphic shaper improvements.

    continua is cool but I find shapemaster to be the king due to the flexible modulation options and the ability to morph your envelopes in interesting ways.

    i never understood why we have a graphic mod AND a graphic env. All envelopes would do well to have a loop option to quickly turn then into an lfo or a hihat pattern etc.

    worth looking at shapemaster for any of you who haven’t seen what it can do. I use a single instance to send 8 complex modulations to my eurorack. Endless fun :)

  • Same @palms Shapemaster + Euro is match made in heaven. Can do some much and way cheaper than a like a Zadar, lol.

  • Yes @samu , @palms, @auxmux,

    not too long ago I've suggested something like more X and Y grid division options (including 128 for X and Y to do MIDI CC conversions) but also odd values for finer rhythmic adjustments and especially an X and Y zoom mode.

    I've also suggested to re-use the bar navigator widget for X and Y zooming. Its divisions could depend on the current grid setting for X and Y and allow for quick zooming to a zoom range that makes sense for easier editing, especially when using finer grids where it's hard to track where you are.

  • yep I tried the Zadar and I didn't like it very much tbh. Shapemaster with the ES-9 is so much more useful and fun.

    if Drambo's graphic modules eventually sprouted warp, smooth, slew, and response knobs that were modulateable, I wouldn't complain 😁

    I could see it working well as a sort of add on module that goes next to the modulators so that it doesn't necessarily clutter the interface. Perhaps a little pop-out panel like with the wavetable add ons.

  • That would be the dream 😁

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