Do cycle and probability conditions work for chords? (update: Yes)

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Update (5 minutes later):

Apologies - I posted this in haste and then subsequently realised that the new cycle and probability editor DOES apply to all notes in the step/chord.


Original post:

The new tools for setting cycle conditions and probability (etc) are great, but I’ve found a frustration when trying to set conditions for multiple notes on the same step in the sequencer (for example, a chord). It appears that only the lowest pitch in the chord receives the cycle condition (as seen in the screenshot below).

I know I could get around this issue by doubling the length of my pattern and drawing the chord in for the 4th bar manually, but that doesn’t solve the problem if I wanted to use probability for the chord.

Is there any easy way to set cycle or probabilty for the chord as a single unit (other than setting up the cycle component for every note in the chord), or is this an inevitable limitation of the current sequencer?


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    It DOES appear to apply cycle and probability settings for all notes of the chord.

    I’ll do some more testing but if so, apologies for posting in haste without doing more testing first!

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