Gate connection help

Fairly new to drambo can anyone help me with this . I have a euclidean sequencer through a midi to cv playing an instrument but it is on all the time and i want to trigger it by pressing a key or adding a note to the sequencer so i can i use it in my song . Be grateful for any help .


  • One way would be to include an additional midi to CV before any Euclidean midi modules. Build your Drambo instrument as usual, but place an additional amp envelope at end. Connect the pre-Euclidean midi to CVS gate for the final amp envelope. The instrument is always running, but you control when the second amp envelope opens with regular midi input.

  • Hi is that Ben - thanks for this it worked a treat watched all your tutorials really helpful and well put across - if thats not ben i apologise but still thank you. so much for this tip .

  • it's me :) thanks.

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