Alternativ Keyboard support

It’s easy to use something like kb-1 as an midi processor to play an instrument. But there seems to be no way to record the played notes into the sequencer. It would be nice to replace the regular keyboard/pads with any midi processor.


  • There's a workaround for this. You can have Streambyter (a free app) running in the background, then use a midi out module to send to it. Next you set the track up to receive from Streambyter. Thus you basically send the midi out of Drambo and back into it so that it can be recorded.

    Another way to do it is to add Drambo as an AU within itself, record your midi there, then drag the midi from the AU into the standalone.

    There are threads about this here and on the Audiobus forum. Search might turn them up for you.

  • Thanks for the workaround!

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