Permanently remove factory samples

It seems that deleting the factory samples only applies to that session, and if you close and reopen the app they will appear again.

Would it be possible make this behaviour optional?

Or perhaps some form of factory/user sample divide?


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    U can’t delete factory samples because the demos and tutorials and presets wouldn’t work anymore.

  • Perhaps then they could be inside a 'factory' folder?

    I'm not a fan of having them all be top level folders.

  • Hm, samples: factory , User

    is not a bad idea @giku

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    I signed up to the forums to say this:

    +1 on a factory folder

    Or allow deletion.

    This clutter in my samples folder is driving me nuts!

    Otherwise, I'm absolutely loving Drambo :) the amount of work that has gone into this is staggering, it is a beautiful app.

  • Another option is to make all the factory content available for download on demand.

    Ie. remove all factory content from the app-bundle and allow the user to download them if needed.

    I put all my stuff in separate folders so it doesn't bother me personally...

  • yeah, it's a real pet peeve of mine too having clutter around that I won't use.

    my workaround is to add a number at the start of each folders name with my own content so that they sit at the top of the list. Not ideal, as all the clutter is still there.. but I can get to my stuff without scrolling through the stuff I have no use for.

    wavetable folder still gets me though. I imported tons of wavetables. yet loading wavetable only points to factory content. Have to navigate to custom folder every. single. time... hopefully custom default location gets added for a better browsing experience.

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    Let’s face it. The factory content is needed for the demos. So, other than having all of the factory stuff tucked into a single folder I cannot see how this can be solved.

    I suspect most here have a bit of a compulsive thing going, just as I do, and feel that the lack of clarity in their sample folder is to blame for other things in life. Believe me it is not.

    Embrace the chaos!

    …or rather, just do your best to stay on top of it ;)

  • I’ll be the first to admit I have a bit of ocd with this sort of thing.

    Sure, some people want a fully furnished home. I’d prefer an empty box and customize everything myself. It’s just the way my brain works.

    Having preset file system and samples feels like having a bunch of clutter in the kitchen that I can’t get rid of. I’m just trying to cook here! Mise en place!!

    yes I’ve learned to ignore it for the most part, but it still bugs me.

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