Multi-bar modulation source?

Hello, wondering if anyone can help with this. I'm trying to set something up where I can record/input a bar of notes, then choose which note is played in each bar of ie a 4 bar pattern. Basically, the same pattern of gate inputs is used, but every time it loops (ie each 1 bar), the note will be transposed, resulting in a 4 bar loop, but composed of a single bar of input notes. I have it set up where four knobs control the respective note (transposition) in each bar of the four-bar pattern. What I'm having trouble with is setting up a multi-bar long modulation source that doesn't conform to a 1-bar/16-step length. Basically, I'm looking for a simple way to set up a recurring/looping modulation that isn't contained by the length of a single bar. Is there maybe a simple solution to this that I'm missing? Thanks!


  • One thing I forgot to mention: I would like this mod source to listen to time signal, ie start when I press play, but not repeat at the end of a bar

  • There’s a couple ways to slow down time dependent modules.

    probably simplest is just graphic modular set at a low rate. Using the speed control you can get even lower

    Another is to use clock generator, set it low, and use it as gate input to cv sequencer.

    either of these will get you well longer than one bar

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    Thanks @bcrichards! The CG>CV Sequencer is great, as I wish to proceed from 1 through 4 on an N-1 Switch, that'll be perfect for driving it. Do you have any idea of how I can get that to start from step 1 each time I press play? Ie play/pause resets it? I guess the real challenge is getting the 4-bar modulation to reset w/r/t the playhead, however not reset with each bar. Thanks again

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    I would use a 4 bar pattern (with the notes from bar 1 copied to the following bars in the simplest case) and just scale the track's time signal by .25 like this:

    The reason for this is that as soon as you connect the Clock input, the CV Seq won't evaluate the time signal anymore.

    BTW, did you know that you can easily duplicate a note range like this: Hit Select, mark the step range to copy and while still holding it, tap on the first destination step on where to paste the current selection.

    A "Transport Status" module with several outputs like bpm, playback, recording status, pattern length etc. has been discussed several times in the past but the idea hasn't materialized yet.

  • @rs2000 This is a nice solution, thank you. Good to know that I can achieve the same functionality w/r/t time signal over multiple bars. I guess the thing I was trying to skirt was the copy/pasting of notes, which is of course easy enough, I just thought it would be cool to be able to arrange a single bar of notes, then turn that into a melody within the instrument rack itself, vs. on the sequencer timeline. The setup that @bcrichards posited (Clock Generator at .25->CV Sequencer) does what I was trying to do, only, it has to be reset manually, with a button (at least, that's as far as I got with it).

  • You're welcome @mikelcoolj 😊

    You could build some logic to reset the sequencer when hitting stop, in that case you might have to delay the reset signal by a few ms in order to safely reset independently from the last clock pulse.

  • @rs2000 That sounds like exactly what I’m looking for. Some way to get play/stop to interact with modules. Couldn’t find a way to utilize play/stop as a modulation source, wasn’t sure where to derive that from. Any other tips you’d care to offer on that? Thanks!

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