Note repeat patch. Switching to triplets

Hi everyone. I am trying to make a hi-hat that has a switch that will toggle note repeat on and off. It works fine as it is, but I am unable to find a solution to the following:

How can I make a slider that will shift from eight notes to triplets and to sixteenths? I can’t find a way of shifting from binary to ternary with the same knob. Any thoughts? Thanks a lot!


  • So I didn’t include the slider functionality :) but take 3 different arps, and make sure they’re getting midi from the track, not the previous arp modules!

    then route them each into a Channel Filter in Set mode. Route these into a midi mixer, and through another channel filter in Filter mode. You could take a slider module and then module the channel of the final Channel Mixer.

    functionally, this is just allowing you to switch between different midi sources, since we don’t have a midi switch module.

  • Wow , that was fast and accurate….

    Thanks a lot, works great

  • No problem! There’s probably at least a couple ways to do it but to use just Arps this way is fast and simple.

    happy Drambo-ing!

  • This reminds me we really need a dedicated midi switch module!

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