Radio Unit and Cubasis 3

i’m sorry if this question seems silly but I’m pretty new at this. When I load the Radio Unit plug-in into Cubasis 3 everything seems to work fine but when I hit Record nothing is recorded on the track?


  • Cubasis 3 can not directly record audio from an AUv3 plug-in neither can it be routed to an audio track for recording.

    The only way I've found to work-around this is to create an empty midi-region and 'Freeze' the track.

    Be sure to enable real-time freeze in the Cubasis settings since it prefers to do 'off-line' freezing and that does not work well with a real-time source. (Cubasis 3 Settings Mixdown / Freeze, enable 'Real-time Mixdown and Freeze').

    This works for me...


  • Thank you so much! Seems more complicated than I thought so I don’t feel so silly for asking. I really appreciate your help!

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