iPhone SE screen and Drambo

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Any people using Drambo on an iPhone SE screen? Will the screen be large enough to work on?

planning to control Drambo with external sequencer or controller, so it will be purely for design on the road (and save money on an iPad)



  • Its usable but honestly pretty small. I've definitely built fairly complex patches on my iPhone XS which is only a tiny bit wider (which I think is the more important dimension when it comes to this)

  • If I'm not mistaken the current iPhone SE is the same size as an iPhone 8?

    Personally I find the iPhone 8 to be on the smaller side for comfortable usage of more advanced apps.

    But that's me with my bad eye-sight...

  • Hmm. Thanks for your info. Will give it a second thought then

  • Which SE?

  • The 2020 version. It has iOS 15.5

  • Well I have the first SE (iPhone 5 size) and although its super small, it's still usable somehow.

  • o wow. That’s good to know.

    good thing is I do everything on my phone and am not used to an iPad screen.

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