Generative rack “cha777nce”

Probability-based midi generator with little control over anything but chance.

It is very easy to use. You can toggle the lucky handle to generate scales automatically and quickly. And just changing the chances to generate many kinds of melodies.

In addition to the chances for pitch, gate, chord, and velocity, you can also set some special chances.

"NOTE" Label 

Scale: Non-zero key knobs automatically form the scale, which can be set manually or randomly generated using the lucky handle.

MAD%: If the MAD% knob is turned off, the Lucky Handle will only generate a regular pentatonic / heptatonic scale. If the knob is twisted to maximum, a completely random scale will be generated.

”CHORD" Label

chan777nce can generate up to 4-Tone chords within the scale

Harmony : By sliding the slider to the maximum, the probability of notes will depend on the harmony of intervals. the values of the key konbs and the sus% knobs will have no effect.

ARP% : Chances of converting a chord into ARP

“LOOP" Label

Up to 32 steps Looper with sliders to set THRU (write)\LOOP (read) chance.

So, just messing with the knobs and sliders and toggling the lucky handle. I bet you'll get your lucky melody. Have fun!

In the video are some quick and easy examples.


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