Quantize/Snap resolution (eg 1/16, 1/32 etc)

edited August 2022 in Feature Wish-lists

you can enter short 1/32 notes using the step editor but not easily on the piano roll.

also If you try move a note that was entered on the step editor when on the piano roll, it tends to drag out the length horizontally rather than move the note up/down/left/right - a toolbar option to change drag edit mode (move / length / both) would also be useful for that

Essentially it’d be good to have a SNAP value (there’s quantize on/off but it doesn’t seem to let you set the resolution, so that you can easily move the 1/32 notes around on the 1/16 grid



  • Perhaps not exactly what you’re asking for but I’d very much welcome the addition to quantise intensity while live recording.

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