Audio Output on multi-channel device

Came across what I consider to be a bug though I do appreciate there may be a reason for it that I don't appreciate.

By default, with my iConnectivity Audio4, the Master Track (on the 8-track MIDI/CV template, for example) has the Audio output set to 1+2 (out of the 4 available pairs of outputs on my device). However if I go to change the hardware channels that the Master Track outputs on to, say 3+4, unexpectedly output continues on 1+2 also (thus the Master Track is then output on 1+2 AND 3+4).

Is that a bug or is there a reason for that behaviour? This is with Drambo in standalone app so not being hosted by AUM or otherwise. And I'm running an iPad 8 running OS 15.6

The reason I'm playing with this is I'm trying to setup a feature whereby I can send the output of a track to a different bus on my audio interface so I can then configure that as a Cue/Headphone mix. I also want the sample Preview to go through this Cue/Headphone output for live situations so I can cue up new material in headphones before comitting it to the Master outputs. The Preview Sample feaure seems hardwired to outputs 1+2 (which I sort of understand as it's probably a system-level thing) which would be fine if I could dedicate outpus 1+2 to the Cue/Headphone output and use 3+4 (on my hardware) as the Master/Main output.

Hope that makes sense!


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