Help needed: Drambo not saving project and recording files to ICloud or local drive


About a month ago I decided to unselect/turnoff Drambo in Ipad settings->ICloud since I wanted to store all my Drambo projects in my local IPad drive instead of in ICloud. However, since I did this, nothing is being saved in the Drambo folders in my ICloud account or my local drive.

I have tried turning the Drambo ICloud setting on, doing ICloud backups, getting 50gb ICloud storage, rebooting, offloading the app, to no avail.

All the new projects, recording files,…are being stored fine within the app but I cannot access any of this files through ICloud or the local drive.

Before this happened, all the files would be in my ICloud folder automatically, and having to export these files manually every single time is quite frustrating. Also, once inside Drambo I can export projects to my ICloud account but I cannot export the jam recordings for example, or just don’t know how.

At this point, I am tempted to reinstall and copy and paste the project files (losing the audio recording files) but wished there was an easier and less risky way.

Any ideas on how to restore Drambo to its normal way of saving files to iCloud?



  • I guess you saw my reply to your [post in the AB forum](

    The Drambo folders On My iPad are not where Drambo stores local projects. They are stored internally so they can be shared by the stand-alone app and the AUv3.

    I believe that, once you enable iCloud storage, and check that it's enabled in Drambo's system Settings (iPadOS Settings app), you can select the destination (iCloud or local) when you Save As a project. You may be able to enable that as the default. If you save the samples with the project, they will be carried along. If you don't want to do that, you may be able to export them from the samples menu, when adding a Sampler, for example. To transfer your existing projects to iCloud, just load each one from local storage and Save As to iCloud.

    You can also use Drambo's WebDAV server and FE File Explorer Pro to transfer files as described in Remember to enable Background Audio for Drambo.

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    Following your recommendation, I have just tried WebDAV and it is perfect as a workaround. This way I can save all the files, including recordings, to my laptop.

    What puzzles me is how everything was being saved to the ICloud server up as default, absolutely fine, until I changed that in settings. But with WebDAV as a solution, it doesn’t worry me anymore.

    Thanks again, uncleDave!

  • Cheers. As I said, I believe you can make iCloud the default destination for Save As, and that is how the app is initially configured. This will require action outside the app, to make iCloud accessible, then action inside the app to make it default. And it will only apply to Save As, since Save always puts the file back where it was.

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