Routing Audio/Modulation Signal Back Into The Track Rack

Is it possible to route the end audio/modulation signal back into an earlier point in the current (same) track rack?

I have a simple use case regarding oscilloscope position but also curious about the possibility of a feedback loop.


  • Use the Feedback Send and Feedback Receive modules. There's an inherent delay, as there must be when you create a loop in digital processing, but it's tolerable.

  • Great, thank you 👍

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    Came to learn how to move an oscilloscope earlier in the chain, ended up in feedback loops and creating this. I know it’s simple & repetitive now, but it will turn into something. I love coming back to test projects at the end of a day and finding something I really like. Can’t think I’d have written that in anything other than Drambo ♥️. 

  • @Burner there's a hack you may find useful especially as you're getting into the Feedback modules.

    It was discovered by @ZhouJing

    Using the Morph knob, assign the Morph knob to a module or modules

    you want to modulate and then move that module before the Morph knob.

    Zhoujing maybe able to describe it better and nice sounds, well done.

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