Control pitch using cv sequencer

I’m trying to do the above but none of the pitch modules respond to modulation. I’d rather avoid using the morph module. Thanks


  • I just use the CV output directly modulate the pitch of an oscillator...

    (Yeah, I'm a 'chip nerd' but it can be applied in so, so many ways).

    In the example a Square LFO is controlling the clock/steps-speed and gate is used to reset the step of the CV Sequencer. clock is detached to keep it 'free' from the master.

    I could trigger the gate from the CV Sequencer to trigger the envelope but for 'chip stuff' only the pitch need to be sequenced.


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    Ok, get it. Of course that’s the most direct way!

    I guess I’ve missed it because the patch I wanted to apply it to has several oscillators, but I suppose I could get them all hooked up that way, except perhaps the fm operator.


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