A Uncertain BUG

Hello what’s wrong with drambo ios 

I purchased it and I invested several hours to make a song in Drambo as auv3 instrument in cubasis 3 but suddenly the drambo projects is not re-saving every time I save but the unsave version loaded in cubasis 

And you did not reply my previous mail very disappointed 


  • so sometimes cubasis saves whatever you did and sometimes it doesn't?

    thats a bug in cubasis then, not in drambo.

  • @divesh

    The issue you have I've encountered before.

    I would suggest that the next time dRambo doesn't load up you take a screenshot

    showing dRambo not loading up properly before going any further,

    then close Cubasis 3 and then reopen Cubasis 3.

    The last project you had up will reload automatically.

    Most of the time dRambo will load up as per normal.

    The other thing I will suggest is to export the project that you're having issues with

    and send it to Lars on the AB Forum or message the Cubasis team on the Steinberg forum

    as suggested in the other thread that you've created for this issue.

    I have a forty track album that I started at the beginning of the year

    that has multiple instances of dRambo both as auv3 instruments

    and as effects processors with hardly any issues at all if any.

    The other things that are missing are what idevice are you using and what iOS version are you on?

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