Piano roll

Piano roll in drambo, what do you guys think of it?

My experience is this - 

I just wanted to make a basic strum pattern with the strum module and for it to work as intended I had to change the lengths of the chords, I stumbled into 3 things that made me feel crazy - 

1 - there’s the 1 finger scroll button that does absolutely nothing

2 - there’s a big inconsistency with the drambo note selection and moving or changing note lengths, especially with chord

3 - if I unintentionally move a chord and press undo, it doesn’t undo it.

Did you guys stumble into this and do you think I should write an email to the dev?

These very basic things are implemented so badly that it just sucked the fun out of drambo for me in a few minutes time.


  • Agreed, there are some inconsistencies in the piano roll at the moment.

    At the moment things are a bit quiet as we've all been enjoying the sunshine.

    As soon as summer things come to end I'm sure the dev will be there to

    smooth and fix the issues with the piano roll.

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