Default to "TRK" mode on startup?

Is there a way to map a MIDI event to always trigger a track, regardless of if TRK is selected? Or, is there a way to "lock" it on or make it selected by default upon startup? So that when I reload the project, I don't have to fiddle with the settings, making sure that "TRK is red/selected, before rocking out on my midi drum pads?

I like to use Drambo as a glorified drum machine AUV3 inside Loopy Pro. I like to use various pad controllers to trigger various tracks loaded with samples or self-made instrument racks. I've mapped the pads on my various controllers to the "pads" at the bottom of Drambo, while "TRK" is selected, but often when I load new Loopy Pro projects, with saved instances of Drambo, Drambo defaults to the chromatic scale pad-mode (i.e., TRK is not selected). I have worked around this by mapping extra buttons to "TRK" to get that mode selected before playing, but for my sanity and for playing live, I wondered if there is a better way to do this?


  • Can you map to the track selection buttons rather than to pads? Or do you need to be able to use the pads for other purposes with your controllers too?

  • Thanks @number37. I can map my controller pads to the track selection buttons, but then hitting my drum pads just selects the track rather than triggering it. BUT, if I map to the pads below AND the track select pads at the same time, it seems to work:

    The only downside of this workaround is that hitting the track select pad twice in a row brings up the track preset menu, which is silly and obnoxious. Not a big deal because this instance of Drambo is largely hidden during the performance I'm trying to set up, but is there a way to turn that off?

    Thanks for the idea! Would still love it if the app could just default to the TRK mode when launched, or have the selected notes/TRK/PAT pad mode be part of a saved AUV3 state or something, but this will work for now.

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