Renaming Folders

How do you rename personal folders under Flexi Sampler, Instrument Rack, MIDI Rack, Processor Rack & Sampler?


  • you don't do that. renaming folders will result in "sample not found" in previous made presets/projects.

  • Perhaps that’s why it looks like it’s not possible. That’s a shame. I thought solving for ‘x not found’ could be as easy as pointing to the same sample/patch/rack etc in the newly named folder (as it’s just the folder, not the sample/patch/rack that I’d like to rename)

  • Other than a bit of hassle repointing things, is there any reason exporting my personal folders (with contents) renaming the folders, importing them back in and deleting the original folders wouldn’t work?

  • u get a message

    blah.wav not found under path .../.../...

    so you can look for it and put it back in

    but in general its not a good idea to rename samples and folders and move things around

    it will create a big mess

  • I’ve actually got more racks and midi than samples…so I’m thinking not that big a mess 😬

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