BUG: State of Launch mode sync button (clock symbol) not saved

edited September 2022 in Known issues

I notice the state of the Launch mode sync button (clock symbol in the side bar of the clip matrix) is always off and not saved in the project. This means clip start is not synced to the beat or pattern when the project is loaded. I find this very inconvenient as in most cases I do want to start clips synchronised. Looks to me like a bug because the state of the pattern looping button gets saved.


  • Can confirm this is happening when hosted as an auv3 in loopy pro.

  • Just notice that this issue is still there (stand alone version, have not tested AUv3). It would be great to have this fixed because forgetting to set this properly can cause a lot of mess in a performance.

  • Can I ask why you’d host Drambo in Loopy Pro as apposed to hosting Loopy Pro in Drambo?

  • Loopy Pro is my main daw these days. It’s exactly what I want out of a music app for many reasons. I love them flexibility of the mixer setup, and how you can build a performance surface exactly how you want it.

    The main feature it’s currently missing is midi sequencing / piano roll so this is where Drambo fits in.

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