IAA Output support

It would be rad if Drambo could output as an IAA to allow its output to be used in other apps like Loopy Pro.

This would make it easy to use Drambo standalone and have Loopy Pro do transitions between projects.

I know this is probably not going to happen tbh but I thought I'd call it out. I'm having to stop using standalone Drambo for a project because I don't want to use an audio interface to do audio loopback.


  • You could simply host Loopy Pro in dRambo.

    That’s how I use it.

    I’ve got one project that Loopy Pro is playing back 25 loops from within dRambo.

    The subject of IAA and dRambo has come up quite often, as far as I know

    it’s not going to happen especially as IAA is being deprecated.

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    The problem is if you host loopy in Drambo you can't switch Drambo projects and keep the loops going 😅

    That's the one nice thing about IAA is that apps can actually talk to each other and operate independently. AUv3 is definitely better for most things but switching projects will always kill things.

    Its ok, I realized after posting this I think I need an audio interface anyways for my next setup, so I'll use an interface with loopback and keep using Drambo standalone 🤩. I'll have Loopy Pro running as well getting the loopbacked audio to do loops.

  • “The problem is if you host loopy in Drambo you can't switch Drambo projects and keep the loops going 😅”

    Ahhhhh…..I see what you’re saying now.

    Yeah, get yourself an audio interface.

    An audio interface does wonders and saves a lot of hassle in the end. ;)

  • It’s no wonder that IAA is still very much in people’s minds. It was a golden decade of iOS development, where so many great and unique apps that make creative use of the touch screen made their appearance.

    I’m still rocking the old AB3 for that reason. Pressing a button on a controller and see Samplr appear on the screen still feels like magic.

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