Add CUE/PFL Button or Knob?

Hi I'm new here and have a small question. I've also searched a bit but not directly found an answer. It seems that you can create tracks that send to another external output of an audio interface (for example 3/4), is ist possible to add a button on the other tracks in the MAIN overview so that you can quickly send the signal to a "CUE" track that sends to Output 3/4, to be able to preview stuff? Alternatively, is it possible to add another knob to the existing 3 (Master, A, B) on a track? Would be awesome :)


  • You can do something like this...

    PROCESSOR RACK with MIXER/Switch N-1 module inside. 8 buttons that receive audio from each Track and an additional one ‘Off’ left disconnected. Create a track that sends audio to your CUE OUT and hook the Processor Rack to its input.

    this solution will allow you to send one track at a time to your CUE OUT, and cued Track won’t be removed from Master

    If needed, there are several more ways to achieve a more sophisticated solution (f.e custom submixes etc.)

  • That's an interesting approach, I'll give that a try, thanks for the quick reply!

    I tried to build my own track rack, I wanted to add an EQ and a high/low pass filter later, but unfortunately I ran into two problems right at the beginning. The AMP knob of the audio output module just can't be controlled by a macro, in my case a switch button but slider and knobs don't work either, I think this is a bug as it works fine on other modules. The second problem is that as soon as you open and close the rack a Post/Pre switch appears under the Master knob, interesting and strange at the same time because I can't find the setting anywhere else on the Track module. Do you have the same problem?

  • That would be my dream setup but I'm afraid I can't get that done :D

  • @monowulf. Are you trying this in a new project, or are you modifying an older project? Drambo preserves essentially zombie versions of old modules, to keep old projects working. If this is an old project, you might be seeing an old bug, fixed in current modules.

  • @uncleDave I started a new project based on the ( tracks (MIDI to CV) Template. But this good to know, thanks!

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    @rec Your approach is in the right direction, but it didn't work for me the way I thought it would. The problem is that when the master of a track is pulled down, you can't preview a track via your "track2cue" rack, that's obviously not the point of a CUE (PFL - Pre Fader Listing button) but the rack could be useful for other things.

    So all I can really do is use one of the two "Audio to" send controls on the track rack, which is a shame because you have one send less for effects. Or does anyone else have a suggestion? By the way, why is it not possible to assign a macro to the third "audio to" knob?

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    you can put amp modules at the end of each track. these are prefader. so connect the 'track2cue" inputs to these amp modules inside each track for PFL behavior.

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