Drambo's Wave Vocoder, Driven by Cubasis

I want to use Drambo's "Wave Vocoder" processor within Cubasis, *BUT* driven by audio and midi clips (modulator/carrier) which are placed in the main Cubasis timeline (not inside of Drambo modules). Is this setup possible?


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    It should be possible, if Cubasis recognizes Drambo as a "Music Effect". That indicates that the AUv3 has both audio and MIDI inputs. When I select Drambo (Music Effect) in AUM, it loads as an audio effect, and also appears in the MIDI routing matrix.

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    uncleDave: It seems as though this would require 2 instances of Drambo. Can the Drambo Waves Vocoder utilize the carrier and modulator sources if they are coming into 2 separate instances of Drambo? Not sure how to make that work.

  • The Drambo Music Effect has both audio and MIDI inputs. It does not require two instances. If Cubasis does not recognize the Drambo Music Effect, that might be a limitation of the DAW.

  • I have Cubasis 3, but I've never used it. I found Drambo (MFx) as an Insert Effect Audio Unit. I believe that's what you need to send both MIDI and audio to Drambo. But I have no idea how to make that happen. Maybe you can take it from there.

  • One problem is that audio and midi live on separate tracks in Cubasis. I've played around with the settings and options in Cubasis and in Drambo but I can't seem to bring the carrier and modulator together in Drambo's Wave Vocoder...

  • When you have a 'Music FX' in an effect slot in Cubasis it's possible to use any other midi-track as the input for it. (same place where you usually set the side-chain input for an audio effect).

  • SOLVED! That did it! Samu: Thank you for the perfect answer to my question :)

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