Humaniser to affect all sequencer tracks

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As per titles. Where do I need to place the humaniser module for it to affect all of the sequencer tracks.?

I’ve tried putting it on the far left of the main track and connected all the midi outs from tracks but no go. I thought it would work just as the master transpose on main track but I was wrong.


  • on each track ...

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    u need to input a humanizer infront of every tracks midi to cv

    (on each u track u want "random velocity" for example)

    this doesn't work globally because the "magic" needs to happen "after" the note happened, because velocity is part of the note by definition ...

    the midi note comes, it says im e3 and velocity 78 ... and then it adds or subtracts to/from that incoming velocity ... output is e3 velo 93 - u get it

    it gives u much more control over the random velo if u can control it separate for each track ...

    (i do wild things with velocity and not just wiggle the volume, so I want a lot of control over how much "random" to apply where

    if u switch open & closed HH via velocity things get wild pretty quick ... or control decay/release of sound via random/humanized velocity ... you see where this is going :)

    have fun :)

  • Thanks. Makes sense. I think I’ll just do that and patch a single slider to all of them.

    You’re right that’s definitely a better way as there’s more variety with different randomisation on different tracks.

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