what to put on the master bus?

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and suddenly there is depth and dimension, compresses wonderfully 😁


  • Yeah I’ve been getting some pretty cool warming and squeeze from one or two analog filters at high frequency with a bit of resonance to cut bass and a touch of drive, then boosting it back up with a channel eq or peaking eq. For whatever reason it’s a little tighter this way.

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    I guess that little cut at the top @ 19233 hz helps to clean up the signal?

    from too much frequencies I can't hear anymore? 😂

    just this and no resonance , no drive either

    sounds instantly better to me with the ota filter , (when I mute the filter and turn it back on)

    I don't know why

    but I like it.

    everything that was a little in the background has more body

    gives a nice color to the sound

    reverb becomes a little louder? so I guess it must compress the sound somehow?

    the 24db tr moog ladder filter behaves quite different (its much more in your face)

    the ota is much softer and touchy?

  • Yeah OTA filters tend to be creamier, like Roland synths.

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