Is there a way of loading a sample into flexisampler and having it start playing automatically?

Hi i've made a simple multi looper thing in DRambo that lets me play various tape-loops of different lengths and uses lfos to fade between them but I've found that when I load a new sample into flexisampler it reverts back to one shot and also doesn't play unless I stop and start the transport. Just wondering is there any way of having the setting stay on 'loop' and having the sample play automatically, or playing the sample without stopping and starting all the others?

Thanks and sorry if this is a simple question.


  • Good point. I agree it would be better to keep all the currect settings when loading a different loop.

    I've tried to work around that by putting Flexi inside an instrument rack with presets (and they will help you keeping the settings when switching presets) but then the loop will stop playing e.g. in Pattern Launch mode.

    When changing rack presets, I would say there's no reason to stop Flexi's playback if it was playing before. This would also be the only quick way to set up and preview a number of loops in a rack preset folder.

    Two issues @giku could have a look at 😊

  • Just for interest this is the patch. It's very barebones and uses a fantastic Childofthe corndog effect rack.

    Thanks for your answer and interest!!!! @rs2000

  • fwiw, if flexi mode is morph'd to loop it will persist when you load new samples. still need to retrigger the flexi tho. instead of looping, maybe use a sequence that retriggers a 1shot flexi as often as desired?

  • Thanks very much!! I’ll set up that morph at least!! Thanks man!

  • you can make it a one tap operation to restart the flexi like this:

    flexi gate input is connected to neg module.

  • Brilliant this is a perfect solution thank you so much!!!

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