Change track length (for 6 8 time)

Hi all,

How do you change track length?

For some reason I am unable to find the controls to manage number of beats etc in a track. I clicked on the track (see below) and don't get any options in the menu. I think I am being dumb, but ....

All I want to do for now is build a custom 6 8 time metronome with a bell on the first beat and a click on the other beats that cycles. Then I want to control it with midi (start, stop, tempo, volume, pattern change), but I can work up to that.

I am using the latest, at least there is no update option on the App Store.



  • Try this button and also the swipe gesture on the bar navigator:

  • wwswws
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    Thank you!! Comments:

    When I try that button I see options for adding bars but not changing the length -- I am after 6 steps instead of 16. Consider:

    But if you expand the track view (name?), you can hold down on the button pointed at ...

    ... which gives you the following choices that can be used to get 12 beats in a track. I think this corresponds to "12 8 compound time"

    However ... there doesn't seem to be a way to get something that looks like "6 8 compound time" though it's obviously easy to place your notes every other beat in 12 8 or slow down the track so we are looking at two bars of 6 8.

    It would be nice to have a way to make it look like 6 8 (six cells in the track, with shade on 1 and 4), but that's a small thing. To build a 3 4 or 6 8 metronome, you would have to place your beats in both shaded and non shaded cells, which is kind of funky.

    I am taking very, very basic classical piano lessons, and 60% of it's in 3 4 or 6 8 which is just way outside the idiom of groove boxes!

  • Try dragging the bar navigator to the right (or just "+" to add bars) so that you have 6 bars. Then long press the track and hit "÷" twice. If you do this on the Master, then you can drag and drop 6/8 to other blank sequences.

    Hopefully this works. I use this method if I want something in, say, 7.

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