midi program change switch between patterns playing

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Hi again, sorry for the potentially stupid question, but is there a way to have Drambo switch between patterns playing by sending a program change message?

Like with electron boxen that each numbered track corresponds to a PC number.

Thanks again!!


  • No, but you can midi map patterns / clip in clip view.

  • That's interesting... I will try to figure out clip view.... thx!

  • @giku Adding PC to the list of MIDI event types would really make sense.

    CC message: $Bc $nn $vv

    PC message: $Cc $vv

  • In the worst case, you can go with complex solution:

    1. Having a script in Mozaic or Streambyter which translated PC messages to e.g. MIDI notes
    2. Using MIDI loopback trick - routing MIDI from controller trough the script to some other app (e.g. Streambyter) and then back to Drambo as a CONTROL source, making the transformed PCs to notes MIDI mapped to e.g. scene launches.

    Not simple, not perfect, but works.

  • I'll add my name to this request too! Pitched it on this forum last year(?) and I would still love to be able to send and receive PC messages with Drambo. It would open up tons of possibilities for anyone (like myself) using Drambo alongside Elektron boxes - just imagine the automatic pattern following!!

    Thanks for the phenomenal work you guys have done!

  • I haven't tried using dRambo along with any of the Elektron boxes yet but

    I have started putting together my own presets that send PC messages

    using PC and MSB+LSB messages to my JV1010 sound module and Lexicon MPX200

    to change patches on the fly.

    Does dRambo receive PC messages yet? that I don't know.

    Have a look here;


  • Great solution, thanks!

    Another strategy would be to use Drambo as the brain and just p-lock a PC generator to cue my Analog Four when it's time to switch patterns. Personally I'd still appreciate being able to use the A4 as the brain and Drambo as the follower, rather than the other way around (despite having stricter limitations working that way...) but I'll be content working with what we have 'til that's an option. :)

  • No problem.

    P-Locking the PC gen sounds like a solution.

    Try creating one Track that only has the P locking for the A4,

    then it's much easier to find when editing, I'm sure you know already

    but I've spent time tracking down errant P-Locks.

    I personally simply use dRambo as the brain for everything.

    I've got it communicating with all of my hardware now including external modules and outboard.

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