midi program change switch between patterns playing

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Hi again, sorry for the potentially stupid question, but is there a way to have Drambo switch between patterns playing by sending a program change message?

Like with electron boxen that each numbered track corresponds to a PC number.

Thanks again!!


  • No, but you can midi map patterns / clip in clip view.

  • That's interesting... I will try to figure out clip view.... thx!

  • @giku Adding PC to the list of MIDI event types would really make sense.

    CC message: $Bc $nn $vv

    PC message: $Cc $vv

  • In the worst case, you can go with complex solution:

    1. Having a script in Mozaic or Streambyter which translated PC messages to e.g. MIDI notes
    2. Using MIDI loopback trick - routing MIDI from controller trough the script to some other app (e.g. Streambyter) and then back to Drambo as a CONTROL source, making the transformed PCs to notes MIDI mapped to e.g. scene launches.

    Not simple, not perfect, but works.

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