Hardware performance - AUs + AUM + Drambo

Hi all,

Have very recently discovered Drambo and have been very impressed so far. I'm currently playing around with it on an iPhone 12 but I'm looking to purchase an iPad so I have more screen real estate to play with. Hoping to get some advice on suitable iPad models for good performance. I plan to run this with a handful of audio units fed into Drambo using AUM, probably around 6 tracks at a time total but no more than 8. Would I be best to look at the newer iPad models with the silicon M1/M2 chips or would the older models (pre 2020) with the bionic chips be sufficient.

Also, I assume the purchases made on my iPhone will be downloadable on an iPad without the need to repurchase.

Thanks in advance.


  • First, purchases are retained with your Apple ID.

    How much CPU horsepower you need will depend a lot on which AUv3 instruments you're goong to use.

    I'm still working with an iPad 6 from 2018 and I hardly reach its limits but that may also be because I do a lot inside Drambo which is usually very CPU efficient.

    Your plan sounds like an older model would suffice easily but an M1/M2 is goong to be the more future proof device.

    There will be more processing and sound generating modules added to Drambo and some of them could be quite demanding on the CPU. Also, going crazy with layering will need sufficient horsepower and I would opt for the later models just to have the beef when I need it.

    One reason to stick with a 2021 iPad could be the 3.5mm headphones connector which you don't get on the latest model.

  • Tiny addition to this...

    “purchases are retained with your Apple ID”

    Universal apps can be installed on both iPad and/or iPhone, but not all apps are universal. Though with most recent apps it is a safe bet if it exists for iPhone it is universal (so iPad version is available). You can check Apple store for details on each app you purchased.

  • Most if not all 'iPhone Only' apps can still installed on the iPad but the other way around only works if the app is 'Universal'.

    Especially under iPadOS16+ it's nice to run iPhone only apps in separate windows using StageManager.

    Personally I'm still not 100% friends with StageManager but I'm slowly adapting.

    When 16.2 drops I'll give it a serious drive-thru due full external monitor support.

  • Thanks for this, good info. I’ve started using multiple audio inputs for my guitar tracks and this has started to stretch my iPhone’s limits a bit. I think I’ll definitely splash the extra on an M1 model to avoid any headaches further down the line.

    Good point about the headphone jack though. Really wish this was included on the newer models.

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