Switch buttons and sliders automation inconsisteny

I've noticed that switch and trigger buttons (idk about sliders as it worked, then it didn't, then again it did flawlessly) react strangely to automation. They only seem to record the first and second press and then stop recording.

Is it on purpose? Or maybe I haven't figured out the way to do it properly? It would be really useful to be able to mute and unmute audio for example with a switch button connected to an amp (as mute states can only be automated through drawing the automation curve or p-locks).


  • Mind the pattern length. As soon as you start tweaking a control, automation is recorded until the end of the pattern and then stops recording to avoid messing up what you might have recorded at the beginning of the pattern. To record automation again, double tap on the control and tell Drambo to "Remove automation track".

  • But it still doesn't work even if the pattern is much longer - it only records the first two presses, creating a rectangle-type shape and that's it. Now I see that it kind of notices when the changes were supposed to be made as the orange dots appear, just doesn't record the it the way it is supposed to - a screenshot below with an 8-bar loop:

    Btw you can also slide your finger down when 'holding' the automation button and remove it in a fast way:)

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