Is morph higher resolution control?

I might be wrong here but it seems like it gives higher resolution control like on the osc pitch than the knob on the osc itself. Is that the case or am I crazy?


  • I guess I should add to this that Im wondering how to get the highest resolution of control when changing the oscillators pitch by hand. In the very high frequencies the knob on osc pitch is a bit steppy.

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    hm, the resolution is the same but the scalling appears different

    the osc covers a lot of range 1,2 hz till something close to 15.000 hz - thats a lot of numbers to go through with a single knob rotation ...

    the dial has its "weight" on the lower end of frequencies because this happens to be practical ... (meaning covering most common use cases )

  • Okay so if I want very fine control in the very high registers the morph module would be the way to go?

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    yes, because you can tell it to knob starts moving from here and stop there ... declare a range that the knobs work in

    just try it with the morph, you will get how it works if you tried

    not exactly sure what u r after

    just in case

    if you want to be in pitch ... your start point needs to be the default value (130.81 hz - C3)

  • I was using an osc in the 5k-10k range and noticed I couldn't smoothly change pitch with the knob in that range. Seems the morph does it but I didn't trust my ears weren't playing tricks on me.

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