Wavetable oscillator missing


I have recently downloaded the app and have found tutorials for the new version. I’m having trouble finding the Wavetable oscillator that other people seem to have. Am I missing a plug-in, program, or addon? All the other oscillators are there. Thank you.


  • It's an IAP for Drambo.

    Well worth it...

  • Got it, thanks!!

  • WELL WORTH IT. It's literally my favorite oscillator I've ever used in both software and hardware. It would almost be a shame to use Drambo without it.

  • Indeed, you can take any simple waveform and mangle it beyond recognition with multiple 'Wave Effects' and everything can be modulated.

    I don't know a single WaveTable synth on iOS/iPad that offers Drambos level of wavetable mangling capabilities and only the CPU limits how many oscillators and modules you can use at once, it's NUTS!

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    the wave effects are the best thing ever

    I always use a basic wave and then just mess with wave fx and some modulation :)

  • I put together a 16 x wavetable oscillator synth just for fun.

    Mind blown.

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