Note repeat for one shot sample rolls?

Hi all,

Is it possible to have "note repeats" or rolls for one shot samples when triggering pads? I'm currently trying to figure this out. In ableton this is possible when using an arpeggiator but that doesn't seem to work in Drambo. Any pointers?

Thanks in advance.


  • There's an arpeggiator module just put it before a midi to cv

  • Thanks! I had the arp module after the midi to cv module. My bad.

  • edited December 2022

    Try the strum midi module too if you trigger a chord on the track pad (not the keyboard) it'll step through the notes one at a time at whatever rate you select. Useful for flams and rolls. Doesn't work great on the keyboard though as the notes have to enter it at the same time to get the strum effect.

    Edit: put a chord module in front of it.

  • There’s also the Retrigger module.

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